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Real-time video monitoring of your home or business
Streaming video cameras with night-vision, allow you to remotely view your home or business on your smartphone-wherever you are.
Home8 Video is a Plug-Activate-N-Play™ home automation system that installs quickly and easily in your home or business. You control the entire system via your powerful and intuitive smartphone app. You receive snapshot email alerts from triggered events.
For a low monthly fee
Upgrade to Premier Service for a low monthly fee and enjoy unlimited live video monitoring and video alerts instantly and direct to the app on your phone. Group video and monitoring for your authorized family or friends, allows them to receive push alerts or manage your system no matter where they are. Through the Cloud, you and your trusted groups can monitor what matters most, anywhere there is an Internet connection.
All systems are able to extend or expand. Just choose an add-on and let the OPU intelligently add them to your system - making your system as unique as you.
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Video C2
What's Inside:
2 IP Cameras