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Sound and heat sensor that can alert you remotely
Home8 Fire works with your functioning smoke detector to alert you remotely about possible smoke, heat or fire issues in the home.
Your existing smoke detector does a great job of alerting you of possible smoke or fire-related danger – when you're home. Home8 Fire extends the range of your functioning smoke detector to you - no matter where you are. Have the confidence of knowing if your smoke detector is signaling a warning, or if the Sound and Heat sensor detects heat-related changes that need your attention. Easy, Plug-Activate-N-Play™ installation out of the box takes minutes to install.
For a low monthly fee
Upgrade to an affordable Premier plan and receive all your alerts instantly in your powerful and intuitive mobile app. You can also collaborate with family and friends you authorize to receive the same alerts you do - for those times when you are away.
DISCLAIMER: This sensor does NOT replace the need for a working smoke detector. Be sure to test the Sound & Heat sensor in your home to make sure it is compatible with your existing smoke detector(s). Your new Sound & Heat sensor MUST be placed within one foot (30 cm) of a functioning smoke detector connection.
All systems are able to extend or expand. Just choose an add-on and let the OPU intelligently add them to your system - making your system as unique as you.
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Fire C1S1
What's Inside:
1 IP Camera
1 Sonic & Heat Sensor