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About Home8 (formerly Oplink Connected)

Home8 brings you next generation, cloud-based automation and monitoring for your home or business. Our products are a system-in-a-box that can expand and become as unique as you and your needs.
Plug-Activate-N-Play™ gets you up and running in minutes. Simply connect your OPU to your existing broadband connection. Install our smartphone app, install your devices and you are able to monitor your home or business in no time.

Connected Cloud – Secured for you!

The cloud is the heart of our cloud-based monitoring solutions. Our cloud allows you and a trusted group of family or friends to make informed decisions about your triggered alerts simultaneously and instantly. Our systems are more secure than regular IP-based devices that are exposed to the Internet. Your OPU is protected behind your broadband router. A hacker would first have to hack your Internet connection and then penetrate an additional firewall to access your devices. Two-layers of protection to put you at ease.

Free Smartphone App

Your interface to the system is a powerful and intuitive smartphone app. It allows you to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications inside the app – anytime, anywhere. Even better, if you have multiple locations, many systems can be managed by your one mobile app. Available for free on Android, iOS and Windows.