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Choose Home8 to empower your life.

Home8 systems for security allow you to secure your home or business with complete, personal monitoring solutions. Packages come with a variety of day/night indoor cameras, door/window sensors, motion detectors and more. The intelligent hub (OPU), at the heart of any system, allows you to expand and make the system as unique as you and your needs – even if you want to monitor more than one location.

Medical Care

Home8 is there for you – when you need to be away.

Security isn't just about intrusion and theft. Security can be the assurance you receive when you know that what you care about is taken care of. Using our line of Care products you can be alerted remotely when someone you assist is in need of special attention or emergency help. Today our line of products include a panic button to signal when help is needed. Soon there will be fall detectors, pill dispensing monitors and activity/inactivity sensors and more.


Real-time information for what really matters.

Your existing smoke detector does a great job of alerting you of possible smoke or fire-related danger – when you’re home. Home8 Fire extends the range of your smoke detector to you – anytime, anywhere. Be assured in knowing if your smoke detector is signaling a warning, or if the Sonic and Heat Sensor detects heat-related changes that need your attention you will know - no matter where you are.

Mobile App

The Home8 design team has engineered an intuitive app built around you.

Your interface to the Home8 system is a powerful and intuitive smartphone app. It allows you to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications inside the app – no matter where life takes you. Even better, if you have multiple locations, many systems can be managed by your one mobile app.
Our app empowers you to make informed decisions when an event occurs. Whether it is an alert button letting you know someone you care for needs emergency help, or simply knowing that your smoke detector is sounding an alert – never be out of touch when you use Home8.

Keeping an eye on things has never been easier.

Worry less by having an instant view of your home or business.Whether you want to know what is happening at the office or what your pet is up to, we can help you be in touch no matter where you are.
Our app is free and available on all three major mobile OS platforms: Android, iOS and Windows.